Rent An Office With Flexibility

Enjoy Flexibility When You Rent an Office from Penrose Wharf

Penrose Wharf offers your business quality service, exceptional standards, and complete flexibility. One of the greatest advantages of our business centre is the accommodation we provide. Because of our large complex and our variety of spatial options, we can offer larger spaces within the same complex as your business grows.

Penrose Wharf understands that change is inevitable. Your business may grow and expand, or decide to cut back and scale down. The future of your organisation is unknown, which is why flexibility is a key criteria for so many businesses. Penrose Wharf’s dynamic approach to property means all the organisations under our roof have the benefit of easy relocation within the complex. This is something your business is sure to appreciate as it evolves.

Let Penrose Wharf Evolve with your Business

When Noel Recruitment, a client of Penrose Wharf, needed to upsize their space they simply moving across the corridor. There was no lengthy search for a new premises, no change of address, and no need to reprint stationary, inform clients, inconvenience staff or notify the ESB / Broadband provider. What’s more there was no need to commit to what could be a debilitating 3-to-5- year lease elsewhere. The entire moving process was completed within one weekend. The agency describes their experience with us: “We have inhabited several different office spaces within the complex over the years and have found any move was handled quickly and efficiently, without any disruption to our business.”

Another customer to benefit from the flexibility of Penrose Wharf is the work placement company, Green Horizons. Green Horizons have adjusted their rental within the complex a number of times, working with the staff at Penrose Wharf to find the most appropriate arrangement. They state: “We have been availing of the services of Penrose Wharf for years. We currently use the virtual office service as well as renting conference rooms on a regular basis. In the past we have rented a full-time office, however, due to the nature of our business, it is not necessary to have a full-time city centre office.”

Unparalleled flexibility – that’s what Penrose Wharf offers all companies who lease from us. When you rent an office from Penrose Wharf, you’ll feel secure in knowing that your business’s goals and endeavours will be encouraged, and facilitated to the highest standard. Call us today to learn more about how Penrose Wharf can help you.

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