Office Space For All

Office Space for Businesses of All Sizes

The office space at Penrose Wharf is tailored to meet the needs of businesses both large and small. Our complex offers a wide range of facilities and a diverse mix of organizations, spanning two buildings. One building contains units between 100 square feet and 3000 square feet, and the other includes even larger premises. With experience in accommodating all types of professionals, the Penrose Wharf Business Centre provides optimal office space for all your ventures.

Assistance For Your Smaller Business

Regardless of the size of your business, it’s likely you’ll be meeting with clients. Penrose Wharf is located within the heart of Cork City, surrounded by an array of restaurants and cafés, and within short walking distance from most major attractions. A more convenient place for doing business would be hard to find.
If you’re hoping to increase your casual customer base, our location offers exceptional visibility. With large numbers of foot traffic passing by each day, your business will gain helpful exposure. Should you wish to expand your office space, we can provide a seamless transition to a larger unit within our complex.
Our staff are here to facilitate you and aid your business as it grows. One of our Virtual Customers, a smaller-sized business, has enjoyed the advantages of letting from Penrose Wharf: “Since I moved to PWBC in 2011 I couldn’t be happier. In my experience, PWBC provides the most reliable and professional service at the best value. ”

Convenience For Your Larger Company:

Penrose Wharf has a range of office spaces to suit larger businesses. Complete with a service desk and entrance area for receiving clients, and plenty of rooms for meetings and training, our complex is equipped to accommodate bigger organisations. Whether you are a call centre needing a new fit-out or a training service searching for suitable space, our professionals are here to tailor your property to whatever specifications you desire.

KPM (Keenan Property Management) appreciate the Penrose Wharf offering. “KPM enjoy being located in the Penrose Wharf complex as its idea for easy parking and only minutes away from the city centre. The shared office is fantastic, you never miss a call.”

The communal atmosphere at our complex means you can enjoy a friendly environment each day, no matter how big your business. Our staff are in place to handle any issues that may arise or answer any queries you may have. Should your business’s requirements change, Penrose Wharf will help you configure a new and personalised office space.

Address Info

Penrose Wharf Business Centre

14 Penrose Wharf

Tel: 021 486 1300
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021 486 1327
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Fax: 021 486 1303